Monthly Archives: May 2007

It is almost inconceivable that Beijing will grant what look like one-sided concessions to demands from the ‘sole superpower’. That would be humiliating.


With mortgage rates rising, are buy-to-let properties still a good investment? How green is your car insurance? A look at carbon neutral cover. Plus commission rates and your pension: advice on income drawdown.


Listen to the adventures of a group of travellers as they tour Second Life; Ade McCormack explains what Voice over IP really means; Nicholas Carr looks at the differences between Microsoft and Barry Manilow; and the chief executive of Fujitsu Siemens discusses green computers.


The crossover of business and private parties creates problems for the guest. It is helpful to know which sort of do you are at, so you can behave accordingly, says Lucy Kellaway


In this week’s show: how to get more bang from your holiday buck; are interest rate hikes hurting the property market? And, 10 years on, should you hold onto shares in former building societies?


When it comes to retirement, are you Buffet, Gates or potato?


This week: when interest rates rise why do savings rates lag so far behind? How much should your investment in ISAs have grown? And are the yields from bond funds and commercial property funds still attractive?


Do you work well when you are miserable? Are happy workers the most productive? This week, Lucy keeps a diary to see how her moods affect her work.


This week: the true cost of estate agents’ free home information packs; Should you switch energy supplier? Why stockbrokers are turning to spread betting. Plus split capital investment trusts demystified.


We ask why the mobile phone is so good for advertisers; Nicholas Carr says the future of IT lies in bricks and mortar; Ade McCormack explains what service oriented architecture is all about; and the new chief executive at McAfee talks about the next generation of security threats.