Monthly Archives: June 2007

This week: how to get a piece of the private equity action. The Chinese bubble – what would a stock market correction mean for emerging market funds? Plus the latest money news, including the pros and cons of switching current accounts.


Alistair Darling has the opportunity to undo some mistakes. It will take some courage to take on the prime minister but his predecessor at the Treasury has shown it can be done


Business telly, so the newspapers tell us, is ‘the new rock and roll’. While it isn’t exactly cool, it is increasingly popular. But is it really about business?


Matthew Vincent, editor of Investors Chronicle, presents the long and short of long-short funds. Can investing in climate change make a difference to the planet and your pocket? And how giving up smoking can cut the cost of your insurance.


The changes to be put forward in Brussels are inherently constitutional and justify a referendum, argues Martin Wolf.


Lucy sees reasons for cheer in the new ‘world without secrets’


Interpreting changes in stock growth is difficult and, in the UK, extremely controversial


Robert Budden, the FT’s personal finance editor, and Matthew Vincent, edior of Investors Chronicle on whether bonds now are a good buy; Do 100 per cent mortgages make sense; The Zopa lending model unravelled.


There are two explanations for global capital flows: a money glut and a savings glut


The WSJ is not threatened with disappearance but instead with inclusion in the world’s most dynamic media empire