Monthly Archives: July 2007

In this week’s show: Is the UK’s love affair with commercial property over? Do widening investment trust discounts signal a buying opportunity? plus save tax and ease your conscience with charitable giving


For people in any position of authority the ability to say no is the most important skill there is.


This week the Money Show clears up the confusion about self-invested personal pensions or SIPPS; examines the pros and cons of 25-year mortgages; asks if consumers should be investing in pharmaceutical stocks; and looks at the impact of the strong pound on investing in the US.


Being generous as a millionaire doesn’t make you different to the middle classes, says Lucy Kellaway. An act of true generosity is a rare event whether you are a millionaire or not.


This week: How green is your wallet? We look at the eco credentials of bank accounts and credit cards; and the price of property funds.


A corporate bollocking just isn’t the same as it used to be: PR people have taken over and emotion has been outlawed.


This week: how to protect your property against flood damage. Is the bottom falling out of the buy-to-let market? Plus divorce at the supermarket – is there anything that Tescos won’t sell?


Going mobile: Matt Connolly and Darius Pocha were challenged to run their business for a week using only mobile devices – with surprising results; Nicholas Carr reassures those who fear ‘peer production’ will do away with individual genius; Ade McCormack explains what virtualisation is all about; and George Colony of Forrester Research explains why IT should be re-named BT.


Forty-one years ago, chairman Mao distributed 900m copies of The Little Red Book to the people of China. A couple of weeks ago, Deloitte distributed thousands of copies of The Little Blue Book of Strategy to its US employees. Apart from the difference in colour, the two books have much in common