Monthly Archives: September 2007

This week: should you rely on private medical insurance or NHS provision? mixed news on credit cards; and the pros and cons of split capital invesment trusts.


Mobile working – the bosses of a Bristol business worked remotely for a week, as we reported in July. But what about their staff left back at base? Peter Whitehead asks them about the ‘flip-side’ of mobility.


The Federal Reserve may well have been right to be bold last week. But it cannot be foolhardy about inflation, argues Martin Wolf.


The problem with being truthful about missing work is the reason can be embarrassing or implausible.


This week: a guide to low-cost trackers in uncertain markets; planning tips for your tax return; and mixed news for First Direct customers.


The Bank is concerned about the health of the economy, while the banks are concerned only about their survival. Guess who swerved first?


Financial panic has hit both the public and politicians of the UK over the past week, to deliver two remarkable results.


In this week’s show: the best use of cash when savings rates top 7 per cent; How your postcode can affect your pension income. Plus where to find car insurance quotes you can trust


Telecoms services – a professor’s view on why so many projects fail to deliver what was expected; Ade McCormack demystifies grid computing and explains what it can do for business; and two chief executives look to the future – Paul Jacobs of Qualcomm talks about mobility; and Serguei Beloussov of SWsoft about the spread of virtualisation.


The era in which the world could rely on the engine of US consumption is now at an end.