Monthly Archives: October 2007

Nicholas Carr argues it is better to buy off-the-shelf business software than to build your own. NEC reveals the technology packed into the 02, London’s hot new entertainment venue. Columnist Ade McCormack explains open source software. And SAP’s chief executive talks about its new focus on mid-sized businesses


Is it possible to justify complex and expensive subsidies, mandates and protectionist measures? No. But that does not stop people from trying.


This week: pension planning: How a flexible annuity can deliver a higher income; inheritance tax: What to leave to your children – and how; Sharedealing and spread-betting: How the European ‘Mifid’ regulations will affect you, when they come into force in November


According to the IMF, the world is in the midst of a period of exceptional growth. While a happy outcome depends on sustained openness and monetary stability, this can no longer be ensured by developed countries alone. Emerging markets have become big players, argues Martin Wolf.


This column is about strong language, which explains why it contains some. Swearing can be useful in the office, but there are some rules you should follow.


Arguments from wealthy people that they should pay less tax because they shower benefits upon us, should be treated with contempt, says Martin Wolf


This week: is it time to get out of commercial property, as property prices and fund values fall? will the regulatory shake-up of financial advice give you a better deal? and some good and bad news on mortgage rates.


Should we be concerned that states are emerging as major owners of wealth, in particular through ‘sovereign wealth funds’, asks Martin Wolf.


Imagine a brave new world where electronic tagging of employees brings the study of management out of the dark ages. Lucy Kellaway peeks into a frightening future as scientists strive to answer why some companies and managers are so good – and others so bad.


This week: Pre-budget report special – what chancellor Darling’s changes to inheritance tax and capital gains tax will mean for you.