Monthly Archives: November 2007

In this week’s show: insuring against falling house prices: what homeowners can do now; Getting out of commercial property: should fund investors sell up? Plus: investing in a Sipp: is a ‘full’ pension or a low-cost plan better?


That three men pleaded guilty to wire fraud does not prove they were. It demonstrates that the offers made by US prosecutors are of a kind sensible people cannot refuse, argues Martin Wolf


What is wrong with the sector? It is too profitable, over-protected and takes risks, which is why a crisis emerges every few years. But the public sector subsidises this risk-taking, argues Martin Wolf


In this episode: Diane Greene of VMWare explains why virtualisation is becoming a must-have; Nicholas Carr says companies need to harness ‘informal’ information systems; columnist Ade McCormack demystifies RFID; and Loic le Guisquet of Oracle talks about the self-service customer


Saying anything that makes any sense at all is enough to disqualify one from joining what practitioners call the ‘executive search space’


In this week’s show: Residential property: why buyers are resorting to ‘gazundering’ again. Tax-efficient investments: which is better – a pension or an Isa? Lower-cost funds: how investors benefit from a GBP300m VAT rebate.


It is plausible that the US will experience a lengthy period of sluggish growth in domestic private demand, partially offset by fiscal expansion and an improvement in net exports. The rest of the world must now become the demand engines of the world economy, argues Martin Wolf


Has Lucy been getting it wrong for 600 columns? A US professor in psychology and marketing has explained how some campaigns can work, including plying your audience with caffeine


In this week’s show: The credit crunch hits Christmas: why card issuers are behaving like Ebenezer Scrooge with their credit limits. The gold rush: forget the yellow stuff – platinum is exciting some investors right now. The end of private equity? Is a lack of cheap borrowing facilities limiting the opportunities for private investors? Plus good news and bad news for cash-back deals.


The blame for the bank’s vulnerability lies with its management, argues Martin Wolf