Monthly Archives: December 2007

Lucy gives out her 2007 awards for management nonsense


In this week’s show: market predictions for 2008: forecasts for shares and house prices; commercial property funds – discounts and buying opportunities; plus smarter ways to switch gas and electricity suppliers


It is vital for hopes of peace to sustain the positive-sum world economy in which everybody can become better off, but no less vital to tackle the environmental challenges it has thrown up. The condition for success is investment in human ingenuity, argues Martin Wolf


At work I’m a pussycat, compliant and pathetically keen to please. At home I am a tyrant, brooking no opposition from anyone. So why do people think there are parralels between good marriages and good colleagues?


The Bank of England must not abandon all caution. It will be able to rescue the real economy if and only if low inflation remains believable, suggests Martin Wolf


In this week’s show: Markets outlook: is the rally over, and what will 2008 bring? Savings rates: how to get 8 per cent, even as rates fall; Mortgage insurance: a new scheme to protect homeowners


The money to be dropped by central banks now is not that large. But if this does not work, argues Martin Wolf, more will surely follow


The credit crisis may be just as important a watershed for financial markets and the world economy as the emerging market financial crises of 1997 and 1998 and the bubble in technology stocks that burst in 2000. Martin Wolf gathers the evidence


In this episode: Monica Seeley of Mesmo Consultancy provides helpful tips in managing your e-mail inbox; Juergen Obermann and Bernd Hoeck of GFT Inboxx explain what’s going wrong with e-mail; and Andrew Wilding of Vividas gives a tour of full-screen broadcast quality internet TV


For me work is one long rage opportunity – starting with the fact that the machine that dispenses hot water for tea is on the blink.