Monthly Archives: February 2008

This week: Another interest-rate cut – why it’s not all bad news for savers, or good news for all borrowers; Investment funds – how to profit from shipping, food and pop music; and green investments – what are the prospects for clean energy?


The credit crunch is the economy’s brutal way of telling us that this era of unsustainable growth in spending and debt is over.


With a focus on mobility, ahead of the GSM Association’s Mobile World Congress. We ask: how does the IT department react when you take your iPhone to work? What is holding back enterprise mobility? What will future mobile devices look like? Plus: Ade McCormack makes networking sound straightforward.


We have a banking sector that has a demonstrated capacity to generate huge crises because of the incentives to take on under-appreciated risks. We lack the will and even the capacity to regulate it, yet have no obvious alternative but to try to do so.


A local shoe mender has unknowingly supplied me with all the delightful things that large service companies are striving in vain to provide.


In this week’s show: Savings rates – guess who is offering 6.99 per cent with instant access? Buy-to-let property – can rising yields offset slow price growth? And pension investments – do volatile markets put retirement at risk?