Monthly Archives: March 2008

In this week’s show: UK mortgage upheaval – are people looking for alternative property investments abroad? The good news and bad news on equity ISAs. Plus, a long view of the markets.


Is green IT just a con? Ade McCormack discusses carbon neutrality in the IT world. Plus: Andrew Shorten, Adobe’s platform evangelist, explains the capabilities of Flash. And readers share their views on tech innovation.


Roger Martin, dean of the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, says in an interview that the best business leaders avoid reducing management to a series of ‘either/or’ choices. Instead, the likes of Procter & Gamble’s AG Lafley can blend seemingly incompatible courses of action into a very effective strategy.


For three decades we have moved towards market-driven financial systems. By its decision to rescue Bear Stearns, the Federal Reserve, the institution responsible for monetary policy in the US, chief protagonist of free-market capitalism, declared this era over.


Just as it is particularly difficult to know whether a manager is skilful rather than lucky, it is hard to distinguish talented managers from untalented, so the business is bound to attract the unscrupulous and unskilled.


In this week’s show: Bank shares or bank account – should you take the risk, or take 6 per cent? Executive pensions – how to switch plans and keep benefits? Emerging markets funds – can they keep on growing?


It is wrong to see doodling as something to do when bored. Instead, it is what we do when we are forced to listen to someone else.


In this week’s Budget 2008 special: Enterprise investment schemes – why they’re even more tax efficient? Stamp duty and mortgages – where was the help for homebuyers? ‘Sin’ taxes on tobacco and alcohol – how it helps with life insurance?


The chancellor used the new watchword ‘stability’ 23 times. ‘Prudence’, however, never crossed his lips. This is a telling shift.


Is there a limit to Moore’s Law in computing? Ade McCormack gives the answer. Jack Domme of Hitachi Data Systems explains how storage and energy costs fit together. And we discuss peer-to-peer file sharing with the boss of BitTorrent, asking him whether it has a future as a major business tool