Monthly Archives: May 2008

In this week’s show: Happy Tax Freedom Day – the day we stop working for the government and start for ourselves – but could it be earlier in the year? Coping with redundancy; Driven to drink – how to trade wine futures; and good news and bad news on savings rates.


Ben Heineman, GE’s former general counsel, on how in-house corporate lawyers and ceos can work together to combine financial performance and ethics, transcending their villainous stereotype in the film Michael Clayton.


If a country is to join the eurozone, its people must be willing to cope with the consequences forever.


The eurozone is a triumph as a monetary union. Yet it is much less so as an economic union. Its creation has not caused the acceleration in dynamism that proponents hoped for – if anything, structural reforms have slowed.


I am running a competition in which a chief executive has to woo his customers with a letter. My finalists are Vikram Pandit and Johnnie Boden.


In this week’s show: unfair bank charges – will compensation ever come? Emerging markets: is it easier or safer to invest in them through UK blue chips? Volatile markets – why it’s better to be in than out; and good news and bad news on cash-backs that cut the cost of travel


Everybody should remember, above all, that the opening of the world economy is the west’s greatest economic policy achievement. It would be a tragedy if it were to turn its back on the world when the rest of humanity is at last turning towards it.


The people behind Autodesk’s design software give away the secret of how to tell a digitally created car from a real one in a TV advert; Yahoo and Birds Eye explain what they get out of advertising on mobile devices; Ade McCormack explains the impact of the IT skills shortage; and Roger Fulton of Gartner examines the relationship between operational technology and IT


Being in love is like being on drugs. Do we let people who are off their heads on cocaine make important decisions? Of course not.


In this week’s show: inflation is up but income tax is down – what do this week’s announcements mean for borrowers and savers; House prices aren’t all falling – we look at areas on the up; Pension investors – the unlikely winners in the credit crunch? And good news and bad news on making payments in euros.