Monthly Archives: June 2008

Housing market – with mortgage rates rising out of step with base rates, can it still be cheaper to buy than rent?


Sol Squire of Data Islandia on why Iceland is a good location for businesses to store and manage their data; Ade McCormack describes how work will be like in 2015.


One might think that the American purposeful complaint is better than pointless bellyaching, but in fact both can prove to be highly enjoyable.


This week: Savings rates of 7 per cent – but is it any good if inflation is rising? Investing in India – still a good idea? How a postcode lottery is shaking up the pensions market; plus building society mergers.


What explains the combination of a ‘credit crunch’ in the US with soaring commodity prices and rising inflation across the globe? Are these related events? So far this is not a return to the 1970s. But action is needed to keep this true, suggests Martin Wolf.


I have been out collecting a botanical array of dangerous workplace blooms, words that can spoil our day, our week – or our career.


Risk management: companies are accused of leaping from one risk fad to the next; plus – expert guidance on how best to meet the needs of the mobile workforce; and Ade McCormack on social networking in the workplace


Investors have been able to buy utility companies, replace the equity with debt and enjoy a licence to print money. This is intolerable, argues Martin Wolf.


Inflation – how much of a threat is it to fund investors, and what are fund managers doing about it?


Microsoft’s Kim Cameron on how proper identification is making the internet a safer place to do business; Ade McCormack talks about the impact on business of social networking; and Roger Fulton of Gartner on the impact of the digital native generation.