Monthly Archives: July 2008

Adam Jones discusses strategies for approaching the GMAT business school admission test with Dave Wilson, chief executive of GMAC, the body that sets the exam.


A website accused of circulating live questions from the GMAT business school admissions test has been shut down. Adam Jones discusses the crackdown with Dave Wilson, CEO of GMAC, the body that owns the test.


Summer is heating up savings rates again


Thinking about death generally encourages people to come up with dodgy philosophies about life, says Lucy Kellway. The best way of living is not to think of death at all


Has the housing market hit rock bottom?


Mervyn King, governor of the Bank of England, set a ‘lousy’ example by turning down a pay rise, says Lucy Kellaway. For a capitalist economy to work, we all need to believe that more money is a good thing.


The winners and losers from the Santander bid for Alliance and Leicester


Baba Shiv, Professor of Marketing at Stanford Graduate School of Business, gives his tips on keeping your emotions in check during a downturn. A specialist in ‘decision neuroscience’, he warns managers to avoid too much negative television and says use dating strategies to make decisions quickly.


Easily the most satisfying job I’ve done in two dozen years as a journalist was writing a series of articles describing the offices of famous chief executives. For a brief period, I was allowed to indulge my natural nosiness – and get paid for it.


It is almost a year since the US subprime crisis went global. The hope that the repricing of risk would be no more than a brief interruption has been disappointed. So where is the world economy now?