Monthly Archives: December 2008

Sixty-two years after the death of John Maynard Keynes, the father of macroeconomics, it is easier for us to understand what remains relevant in his teaching as the financial crisis deepens.


If your occupation involves making off with money from investors, then it is proper the name Made-off reflects that. There is a fine tradition at work here.


The FT Money Show team reflect on the highs and lows of personal finance in a tumultuous 2008, and look ahead to the prospects in a difficult 2009 for mortgages, savings and shares.


Digital Business gazes into the crystal ball with IT watchers, Alan Cane and Stephen Pritchard, who warn of hard times ahead, from squeezed budgets to a focus on short-term projects


Central banks may resort to their most powerful weapons against deflation: the printing press and the so-called helicopter drop of money. Will this work? Yes. But returning to normality will prove far more elusive.


When your job is at risk and your savings are a shadow of their former selves, the search for meaning at work becomes meaningless in itself, says Lucy Kellaway


The biggest challenge is getting through the extended emergency support to a more sustainable structure, says Martin Wolf


Loan rates fall, but can you get the headline deals?


A robust recovery would eliminate the danger of some countries being badly damaged. If it does arrive, there is no doubt where it will come from: not from the actions of Germany to sustain domestic demand, but from profligate Anglo-Saxons.


Should IT be treated like a commodity and outsourced?