Monthly Archives: January 2009

A warning on the employer threat to company pensions


A pension freeze – could employers stop contributing to company pensions?


The FT’s Della Bradshaw analyses the top MBAs of 2009 while London Business School’s Freek Vermeulen explains how the crisis in capitalism is being taught in MBA classrooms. Will today’s students learn from the chaos?


Unemployment insurance premiums are on the rise, and the criteria for eligibility are being tightened. Josephine Cumbo finds out why from the Association of British Insurers


Laywers enter the cyber world. Will it work? Software company epoq explains


With instant access savings accounts so low, a new internet site offers to auction your precious cash to the bidder with the best rates. Will it work? and is it safe?


Countries with large current account surpluses have long demanded an end to the profligate borrowing and spending of the customers upon whom they depended. They should have been careful what they wished for.


I dare say the US president hoped his words would resonate beyond the toy cupboard and sweetie jar, but even so they are feeble advice, says Lucy Kellaway.


What the second bank bail-out means for savings, mortgages and shares


By offering guarantees, the government could be subsidising the recreation of a market in lemons.