Monthly Archives: February 2009

What Northern Rock extra lending means; is it time to invest in India? and judging the safety of SIPPS


Harvard Business School hosts a one week course that helps mothers return to work after time out raising children. Professor Tim Butler, the course leader, offers some free career advice to those unable to afford the $5,000 fee.


Are SIPPs as safe as personal pensions? A listener’s question answered


How IT has revolutionised the hunt for oil and gas; and why one mobile device just isn’t enough these days


The London summit of 1933 marked the moment at which joint efforts to manage the Great Depression collapsed. The summit of the Group of 20 countries, which will be held in the same city on April 2, must turn out quite differently.


How will Northern Rock’s increased lending affect borrowers?


The pendulum has swung away from slouchy language towards correct usage of punctuation in emails, helped by the recession.


As savings rates fall further, we have some top tips on squeezing the most from your cash


A cogent analysis of prospects for inflation has to be broader and more long term in thinking than that in the Bank of England inflation report.


Can defensive stocks protect your portfolio?