Monthly Archives: March 2009

The fourth interview in our series on cloud computing; and a chat with the ‘father of Java’


The G20 summit is dealing with the short-term symptoms of chronic global excess. The world economy cannot be safely balanced by a small number of countries spending themselves into bankruptcy. Finding a longer-term cure for the illness still lies ahead


The whole idea of advice is hopeless: the best tests in the world would not help, as there is no formula for matching round pegs to round holes, writes Lucy Kellaway


CPI is up but RPI is down, so what do the inflation figures mean for your savings? And how do you tell when the stock market is turning? Matthew Vincent, the FT’s personal finance editor, puts these and other questions to guests including Anthony Bolton, Britain’s best fund manager.


Marianne Bertrand, professor at economics at Chicago Booth School of Business, explains why women MBAs earn less than their male peers as their careers progress.


Alice Ross talks to Ian Armitage of HgCapital, a private equity group with $2.4bn of funds under management, about private equity investment trusts.


What companies should look for when they consider cloud computing; and advice on which technology is helping businesses during the recession


With the IMF expecting world output to shrink by up to 1 per cent this year and the economies of the advanced countries to shrink by between 3 and 3.5 per cent, this is the worst global economic crisis since the 1930s. So far the congressional response has been a disaster


Work has been overlooked in pop lyrics: there are office novels, office sitcoms and office movies, but almost no office songs, writes Lucy Kellaway


Could Lord Turner’s bank regulation proposals make it harder to get a mortgage? And also, which cyclical stocks are on the road to recovery?