Monthly Archives: April 2009

How to get as much as possible into your pension before budget changes bite; reasons to be wary of high share dividends; and where to go to escape next year’s 50 per cent tax


David Kuo, director of The Motley Fool talks to Lucy Warwick-Ching about why some high-yielding shares may not be sustainable and what investors should look out for.


The largest economies have made the fundamental decision to prevent bankruptcy, but this is only the first step on the long road to financial health. Those who hope for a swift return to what they thought normal two years ago are deluded, says Martin Wolf


FT Digital Business looks at the resilience of company technology, and how businesses can use geographic tracking technology for websites


Fiscal deterioration in the UK and declines in manufactured output in Germany and Japan are two sides of one coin, says Martin Wolf


Are there ways to avoid the Budget tax rises; will new rules for pension tax relief affect how much you can save for retirement; and will you still be able to get a decent interest rate on Isas?


What the new 50 per cent tax rate will mean for high earners; how the increased ISA allowance will affect savers, and more on the 2009 Budget announcements


Is the worst behind us? In a word, No. The rate of economic decline is decelerating. But it is too soon even to be sure of a turnround, let alone of a return to rapid growth. These are still early days, argues Martin Wolf.


Lucy Kellaway says anti-boss rage is more in vogue than it has ever been in her lifetime. She watches the display with alternate surges of glee and discomfort


Decisive restructuring is necessary, because bankruptcy – and so losses for unsecured creditors – must be a part of any durable solution to this economic crisis, says Martin Wolf