Monthly Archives: April 2009

Will next week’s budget bring any glimmers of hope for savers or mortgage-holders; and also, new rules may make it easier for pension-holders to invest in commercial property but is now the best time to do so?


Does business understand IT any more? Steve Prentice of Gartner shares his views. Plus: Egypt as an outsourcing location


Why savings and mortage deals are changing despite the Bank of England’s decision to hold the base rate; how to invest in the green recovery; and could this be the last chance to get 40 per cent tax relief on your pension contributions?


Featuring a realistic assessment of what the cloud can do for business; and the laptop security expert who lost his machine on his first day in the job


Given the scale of the world’s macroeconomic imbalances, it is far from obvious that higher regulatory standards alone would have saved the world. This is not just a matter of historical interest. It is also relevant to the sustainability of the recovery, says Martin Wolf


The trick is not for husbands and wives to get to a 50:50 share when doing the housework. It is to stop counting and to stop minding, says Lucy Kellaway


After Dunfermline, how safe are other building societies? Should you accept incentives to transfer your money out of your pension scheme? Plus, your guide to last minute savings this tax year


The ability to navigate through the financial crisis depends on the sincerity of the authorities’ commitment to long-term stability, says Martin Wolf.