Monthly Archives: May 2009

Three experts discuss what it means to be connected, the barriers to universal access to fast broadband, and the public sector’s role in its delivery


Pension funds are recovering, but will it make a difference to you retirement? Is there a safe way to get back into equities? And good news / bad news on the property market.


David Stevenson talks to US investment commentator John Mauldin about strategies for the long term


Will you receive enough from your state pension, company scheme or personal savings to cover your retirement; and how much longer will you have to work if your pension fund has shrunk? Find out more about the pensions timebomb in this special edition of the FT Money Show and see the multimedia feature,


Adrian Webb of eSure tells Lucy Warwick-Ching of ways to avoid being the victim of motor insurance fraud


Companies are spending too much on IT – so what can they do about it? Ann Livermore of HP gives her view.


At a time when no one can afford to reward people with more money, to reward them with handouts of ‘what a star’ would seem a no-brainer, says Lucy Kellaway


Nearly two-thirds of people will need to work beyond their planned retirement, so what does that mean for your pension planning? Can corporate bonds grow your capital? And the 95 per cent mortgage is back, backed by bank of mum and dad.


How should one manage a sector that produces such ‘bads’? The answer is: in the same way as any polluting activity, says Martin Wolf


You know about social networks – Facebook, LinkedIn et al – but what about private social networks? Anne Berkowitch of SelectMinds explains.