Monthly Archives: June 2009

Already the panic of 2008 is fading, yet without radical changes another crisis is certain, says Martin Wolf


As contemporaries seemed to have stopped playing the obsessive game of age comparison – its time to join them, says Lucy Kellaway


Will the new rules for financial advisers mean a better deal for clients; should investors join fund managers in the return to commercial property; and what opportunities can savvy buyers find in beleaguered funds of hedge funds?


FT Digital Business examines the importance social media and discusses ideas for the mobile phone of the future, with clues on how to win a trip to Korea


With employees paid to stay at home, the relationships between work and leisure, and money and no money are breaking down, says Lucy Kellaway


How has IT and mobility changed over the past decade? Who still needs to get connected? And how important are industry standards?


The FT’s money team on how to reap rewards from the current UK trend for staycations; how to plan a DIY pension; and whether new low-cost funds will in fact lead to better returns


Cuts in real spending are as inevitable under Labour as under the Tories. The only question is where they might fall, says Martin Wolf


Does business understand social media and technology? Anne Berkowitch of SelectMinds talks to Peter Whitehead


The great likelihood is that the world economy will need aggressive monetary and fiscal policies far longer than many believe, says Martin Wolf