Monthly Archives: July 2009

The Revenue announces a tax amnesty for offshore investors, new research shows up the pensions industry and can you trust a financial adviser to recommend a savings account?


Steve Ballmer gets his way: Richard Waters gives his thoughts on the Microsoft / Yahoo search deal


Insourcing, multisourcing – what’s going on with outsourcing? Stephen Pritchard talks to industry insiders to find out


David Stevenson, the FT’s Adventurous Investor, asks professors Paul Marsh and Elroy Dimson about the risk/reward trade off for shareholders and Rob Arnott explains why “buy and hold” doesn’t work if the price is wrong.


Can auctioning your cash to the highest bidder earn you a better deal? Is it worth paying more for a coastal property? Plus – could you get a better mortgage deal from China?


The economic downturn has been very good for one sector – cybercrime. Stephen Pritchard reports. Plus – how far has homeworking progressed?


Some Sipp providers supplement their fees by taking a slice of the interest paid to customers on their cash holdings. Lucy Warwick-Ching talks to Martin Tilley at Dentons Pension Management about why this is an issue for consumers.


David Stevenson, the FT’s Adventurous Investor, asks City analysts James Montier, Albert Edwards and Tim Bond about the best strategies for long-term shareholders


Are government bonds a safe home for your money? When can it make sense not to pay off your mortgage? And how some companies are cutting pension contributions to employees.


Businesses are investing in green IT – but why? We have some answers for you. Plus, Ewen Anderson of Centralis on standardisation vs personalisation