Monthly Archives: September 2009

Andrew Jack, the FT’s pharmaceuticals correspondent, talks to Martin McKee, a world specialist on comparative healthcare systems at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and one of the lead speakers at the Gastein forum


What lessons did our volunteer learn from living without the web for a week? Plus – green IT. Do we understand the impact of our IT activities?


Demanding that banks act as narrow utilities solves the problem of the financial system taking control of the power to print money, but would need to be paired with a ban on other forms of banking. Such radical ideas may yet be entertained, says Martin Wolf


Martin Wolf welcomes a seminal empirical study of the frequently repeated cycles of euphoria, panic and default in public debt and global finance


Anna Wintour’s longevity in the fashion industry and hard-nosed approach provide a useful model for women executives


The pound falls further against the euro – but is this good news for investors? Isa savings limits are rising and as the stock-market rally continues is it worth holding onto a with-profits endowment?


Only in a country both besotted with property and determined to tax the middle classes, rather than the hugely wealthy, would people object to this obviously just idea, says Martin Wolf


Remember how poor hundreds of millions of Chinese still are. Then consider that the net transfer of resources abroad was equal to a third of personal consumption. China needs to increase consumption, and that means revaluing the currency, says Martin Wolf


Can businesses have too much IT? David Elton of PA thinks it can. Plus Nathan Marke of 2e2 on how businesses should use Web 2.0 tools.


With their ruthlessness and brilliance at managing cash flow, hustlers such as the reformed 50 Cent can provide useful lessons to executives, says Lucy Kellaway