Monthly Archives: September 2009

Signs of life in the housing market – but is the buying activity anywhere near you? Get more into your pension – why it pays to contribute more. And the return of the 5 per cent savings account


Could you live without using the internet for a week? Nigel Hawthorn of Blue Coat Systems is going to try. Plus – Richard Holway gives his view of the IT sector.


No normal profit-seeking business can operate without a credible threat of bankruptcy, says Martin Wolf


Bring your dog to work day may uncover some uncomfortable office truths, says Lucy Kellaway


China has emerged as the most significant winner from the global financial crisis. At the end of 2008, many questioned whether China would achieve its growth target of 8 per cent in 2009. Who now dares to do so?, asks Martin Wolf


A new opportunity for the over 50s to pump more money into tax-free savings, how to make money from the stockmarket rallys and good news for those in debt as one fo the biggest banks finally cuts the penalty fees it charges customers


The debate is the right one but the more one analyses the debate and what is happening, the more difficult it is to believe that a safer and more responsible industry is emerging, argues Martin Wolf


Companies spend a fortune on new technology that the workforce don’t use – so how do you get value from your IT investments? Plus, Paul Otellini of Intel talks to the FT about new technologies and anti-trust.


In my book, cleanliness is not next to godliness. Necessary up to a point, but quite dull, and not something that deserves a place in management literature.


The rescue of the financial system, unprecedented monetary easing and fiscal expansion have indeed put a floor under the world economy. But it is too early for the Group of 20 leading economies to pat themselves on the back, argues Martin Wolf