Monthly Archives: October 2009

Are you due compensation on structured products? The government gets tough on credit card companies, but will it save you money? Plus who is behind the new best-buy savings bond?


The era when central banks could target inflation and assume that what was happening in asset and credit markets was no concern of theirs is over. Not only can asset prices be valued; they have to be, argues Martin Wolf


Power management in IT – Stephen Pritchard speaks to Sumir Karayi, the chief executive of 1E; plus: John Swainson, chief executive of CA, on software innovation


There is a way of making finance safe. But it would be radical: deposits would be 100 per cent reserve backed; and the liabilities of other investment vehicles would be adjusted for the market value of their assets at all times. Banking would disappear, argues Martin Wolf.


Can you afford your next mortgage? From next year, you’ll have to prove it. Is is time to take profits on your share deals? And how much warning must your bank give of cuts to your savings rate?


David Giampaolo, chief executive of Pi Capital, an investor network group for wealthy people, talks to Lucy Warwick-Ching about how the super rich have fared over the past year.


This recovery has been no accident. When central bank money is almost free, prices of risky assets are recovering, competitors have disappeared or are weakened, making money is a relatively simple matter for the strong survivors, argues Martin Wolf


Why IBM created its own social network, and how it’s being used; Moore’s law and enterprise IT; and how the police are connecting officers on the street


Chilling is seen by today’s children as the natural order of things. However, taking it easy in the office is not a good idea, says Lucy Kellaway


Lehman Brothers’ collapse claims another victim one year on. What should savers fear more: inflation or deflation? And we look into the future of private banking and financial advice