Monthly Archives: November 2009

What Lucy and J-Lo have in common; and how to avoid boring your audience when speaking in public


How Emergency Medical Associates responded to the outbreak of swine flu in New York


Simeon Kerr reports from Dubai on investors’ reaction to default fears at Dubai World


We explain the rights and wrongs of the rights issue. Bank customers compensation claims are crushed by the Supreme Court – but who are the real winners and losers? And would you trust a currency trader to reduce the size of your mortgage?


Will new technology from talent development specialists SumTotal enable companies to measure their employees’productivity and calculate performance-related pay?


Slashing deficits now would be wrong, argues Martin Wolf. What is needed, instead, are credible fiscal institutions and a road map for tightening that will be implemented, automatically, as and when the private sector’s spending recovers


Staff are responding to overload by not digesting anything. No one reads e-mails any more – except from the boss, writes Lucy Kellaway


Inflation is making a come back – but should savers really care? Signs of life in the buy to let market but should you be cautious? And do financial advisers owe you a rebate of trail commission?


The case for generous subventions to banks is to restore the financial system to health, not to enrich bankers, says Martin Wolf


Edward Luce, the FT Washington Bureau chief, who has followed Mr Obama on the tour, on a new geo-political moment.