Monthly Archives: November 2009

Who says the mainframe is dead? Plus – social networks are affecting businesses, so how should they engage customers?


Obama should have made clear the need for China to revalue its currency and rebalance the global economy when he met Hu Jintao, says Martin Wolf. He could reasonably threaten punitive action, such is the need for change


The bear market in bull may be over but the bear market in courage is not. Fear and paranoia are even more a part of corporate life, argues Lucy Kellaway


House prices rise again – so is now the time to invest in residential property? Pension deficits are getting worse – what can you do to protect your retirement income? And can you still rely on share dividends?


Mike Laphen, chief executive of CSC talks to Peter Whitehead about the public sector, cloud computing and virtual worlds; plus Toby Redshaw of Aviva on business process management


Has capitalism failed, as communism did? No. Some transition countries are in crisis; but transition itself is not. Liberal democracies and market economies can reform and adapt. They have shown these qualities before. They must do so again, says Martin Wolf


To allow husbands and wives to co-work has always been a bad idea financially, socially, practically and emotionally, says Lucy Kellaway


David Stevenson interviews Dylan Grice, strategist at Société Générale, on stockmarket bubbles, China and geo-politics


Diversity brings social benefits, but also costs, arising from declining trust and erosion of a sense of shared values, says Martin Wolf


What will happen to Lloyds and RBS customers? Lloyds shareholders are asked to invest another £13bn – but should you pay up? And who’s the most trustworthy source of advice on IHT?