Monthly Archives: January 2010

Corporate takeovers are in the spotlight again after Kraft’s successful bid for Cadbury. Martin Wolf asks whether it makes sense to run a regime as open as the UK’s


What’s the future for your high-street building society? What’s the point of with-profits funds as another provider freezes its bonus rates? And we look at the hot spots for property


Obama’s latest proposals for bank reform miss the point, says Martin Wolf. They may or may not be workable, but they do nothing to create a sustainable finance sector


Would better technology have stopped the Detroit bomber? Peter Whitehead looks at the problems of data overload and risk.


I can think of three possible explanations why in mainstream corporate life in the UK and the US, the ugly mug rules, says Lucy Kellaway


Inflation is back – how will it affect your investments? What’s the best way to profit from emerging markets? And 50 per cent tax is coming. What can high earners do to reduce the impact?


FT Caribbean correspondent Benedict Mander reports on post-earthquake aid efforts, security and governance from Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince


The problems of Greece are extreme, because it alone of the vulnerable eurozone member countries has both high fiscal deficits and high debt. Some say it should be bailed out, but there are two other possibilities – it toughs it out or just defaults, says Martin Wolf


Where are new datacentres being built? In city centres, the suburbs, or where renewable energy is plentiful? The answers may surprise you.


The most depressing day of the year is upon us. But Lucy Kellaway says she has found a better way to keep up morale than the motivational gurus