Monthly Archives: February 2010

‘A client a day’ makes no sense at all, especially in a business where people often work with the same client for months on end, says Lucy Kellaway


David Stevenson, the FT’s Adventurous Investor, talks to David O’Hara of Blackthorn Focus about Aim-quoted companies and the way they treat their shareholders


Both sides of the debate can be right, says Martin Wolf. The public finances must be credible, but further unnecessary economic damage needs to be avoided


Northern Rock lifts its 100 per cent guarantee for savers – so where is the best place to get a cash Isa now? And employers are stopping payments to employee pension schemes


People can lose data at any time – but they seem more prone to it in times of recession. So is history is repeating itself when it comes to data loss? Plus – about a sort of “autopilot” for workers who are struggling to deal with several processes at once


Finding an exit route from the extraordinary government deficits could lead to default unless there is a radical rethink, says Martin Wolf


FT gulf correspondent Simeon Kerr reports from Dubai on the murder of Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh


Wealthy taxpayers are under greater scrutiny by the Revenue – so how can they protect themselves? Investing in farmland is looking like a good move for tax planning purposes – but how can you buy it? And should you be actively managing your cash investments? Our research shows that cash has done better than other studies suggest.


Today, high-income countries face huge fiscal challenges crisis-hit countries start from grossly unsustainable fiscal positions. But massive fiscal tightening could tip much of the world back into recession, says Martin Wolf


In the 100th Digital Business podcast, we talk to Lord Digby Jones about how he runs his business from a virtual office. Plus: fake websites, mobile business apps, a company chairman who tests mobile devices in a dishwasher – and using mobile phones.