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Flows of finance from export-driven ant nests to advanced grasshopper colonies end in tears. Flows of finance from old ant nests to young ones have not worked out either, says Martin Wolf


In this week’s pod: IT teams preparing to service the World Cup in South Africa. Peter talks to Dilbagh Gill from Mahindra Satyam, the official IT provider for the event, about the management system needed to underpin such a large-scale event.

Also, WIFI and the most recent developments. Digital Business contributor Stephen Pritchard, talks to Selina Lo from Ruckus Wireless about the developments in wireless networks.

Next week
More on IT provision for the World Cup.

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The final episode of four podcasts in the FT Money/Neptune emerging markets series. Listen to Jim O’Neill of Goldman Sachs, Tim Bond of Barclays Capital and James Dowey of Neptune


‘If the forecasts are true,’ asked Bobby, ‘why do all these people talk about ‘instability’? Martin Wolf responds


The OECD seems to take the view that they only big risk is a loss of fiscal and monetary ‘credibility’. But Martin Wolf argues a lengthy floundering economy is a more serious risk


Can two new mortgage providers revive the buy to let market? Child trust funds are no more. But what are the alternatives? And capital gains tax is going up.


In this week’s pod: update on the BP clear up, the price of oil and the controversial document the European Commission is putting out on how the EU could move from emissions cuts of 20pc by 2020 to 30pc.
We hear from Tony Hayward, CEO of BP and Mary Landrieu, US Senator for Louisiana.

Presented by Ed Crooks. Guests in the studio: FT correspondents Javier Blas and Fiona Harvey

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In this week’s pod: Andrew Wakefield and his discredited MMR research, the new political landscape and how it fares for science and the creation of the first synthetic life.

We hear from Craig Venter about the building of the bacterial genome in our regular feature from Science Magazine.

Guests in the studio are; Diana Garnham, CEO of the Science Council and Fiona Godlee, editor of the British Medical Journal.

Presented by Clive Cookson and Andrew Jack

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Today’s global economy is more complex than Aesop could have imagined. What would be the moral of a contemporary version of his famous story where the “ants” are Germans, Chinese and Japanese, while the “grasshoppers” are American, British, Greek, Irish and Spanish, asks Martin Wolf


The FT banking and regulation team discuss the possibility of a European-wide ban on speculative sovereign-debt trading and the key points of the bill on financial reform passed by the US Senate last week. Will the newly-formed UK coalition government follow suit? With Megan Murphy, Sharlene Goff and Brooke Masters

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