Tony Hayward vs Obama, Iran sanctions and UAE’s city of alternative energy

In this week’s pod:
The common theme threaded through the three topics in this week’s pod is the increasing intervention of politics in the energy industry.

Up for discussion is the turning tide on Tony Hayward, following Obama’s claim that he was in Louisana to find out whose “ass to kick”.
Secondly UN’s move to impose fresh sanctions on Iran and Iran’s blocking of the much awaited Shell and Repsol LNG investment.
Finally the pod look to the UAE and plans for the construction of a city of alternative energy – Masdar. Presenter Carola asks – why does the UAE need solar energy?

Guests in the studio: Javier Blas, FT correspondent for commodities and David Blair, the FT’s Middle East and Africa news editor.

Presented by Carola Hoyos

Produced by LJ Filotrani