Daily Archives: July 26, 2010

In the podcast this week: We review the results from the stress testing of European banks, released on Friday. We ask what the market reaction has been and what real impact the results will have. We talk to the secretary of state for economic affairs in the Spanish government, José Manuel Campa about whether he thinks the tests will work in terms of reviving the confidence in the markets.

Presented by Patrick Jenkins, the FT’s banking editor, with markets correspondent, David Oakley in the studio.

Produced by LJ Filotrani


In the podcast: We ask whether the 75,000 leaked documents covering the period 2004 to 2009 will have any impact on the Obama administration and its Afghan strategy.

Presented by Tom O’Sullivan, the FT’s assistant world news editor, with James Blitz the FT’s defence and diplomatic editor.

Produced by LJ Filotrani