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In this week’s podcast: How can Ireland escape its fiscal crisis? The mayor of Moscow is ousted in a show of strength by the Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev – but is the power struggle over? And in North Korea a succession plan is emerging as Kim Jong-Il’s third son is promoted to general – but what role will his aunt play?

Gideon Rachman hosts the world podcast, with guests David Gardner in the studio, Catherine Belton in Moscow and Christian Oliver in Seoul.

Produced by Rob Minto


Effective policy would see the government increase its deficit and have this rise funded by the Bank of England, says Martin Wolf


How to get a decent rate on your cash Isa, the latest on house prices and are the newest financial mobile applications any good?


Twenty five years ago, France, West Germany, Japan, the US and the UK met at the Plaza Hotel in New York and agreed to push for depreciation of the US dollar. Today America has the same desire. But this time, the focus of attention is not a compliant ally, such as Japan, but the world’s next superpower: China. When such elephants fight, bystanders are likely to be trampled, says Martin Wolf


How has the shake-up at HSBC gone down with investors? The UK’s banking commission has set out its stall – but what can it do? UniCredit is looking for a new chief executive – we discuss the options. Plus Stateside with Justin Baer: what will be the impact of the movie Wall Street 2?

Presented by Patrick Jenkins; with Miles Johnson, Rachel Sanderson in Milan, and Justin Baer in New York. Produced by Rob Minto.


The exchange between Steve Jobs and Chelsea Isaacs prompts Lucy Kellaway to congratulate him on his clarity, tetchiness and for being completely in the right


Who dares to make such a downbeat assessment of the world’s most dynamic economy before a gathering of influential foreigners in the heart of China itself?


In the podcast this week: Hints of a change at the top in North Korea, a surge in arms sales to the Middle East, the rise of the far right in Sweden and tensions between China and Japan.

Presented by Gideon Rachman with Richard McGregor and David Blair in the studio, Andrew Ward in Stockholm and Christian Oliver in Seoul. Reports on North Korea and Sweden by Helen Warrell and Fiona Symon respectively.

Produced by LJ Filotrani


Is it worth transferring your personal pension? We look at the exit charges that can make all the difference. Plus – high-earners’ tax bills, and how to get a buy-to-let mortgage.


In this week’s podcast: We discuss whether Chris Huhne’s claims for his Green Deal being the most “ambitious energy-saving plan ever put forward” are really anything more than political rhetoric. We take a look at an alternative energy source provided by the moon – tidal energy. We ask this week’s guest Tim Cornelius from tidal company Atlantis whether this really is a viable alternative to oil and gas. Lastly we look at Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation and the legal battle the company is involved in with Canadian miner First Quantum Minerals.

Presented by Sylvia Pfeifer, with Fiona Harvey and Will MacNamara. Studio guest this week is Tim Cornelius from tidal company Atlantis.

Produced by LJ Filotrani