Basel III, Bob Diamond and Stephen Green

In this week’s podcast: We discuss the impact the new capital rules announced yesterday in Basel will have, if any, on the banks of Europe. We then talk about Bob Diamond’s new position as chief executive of Barclays – we ask whether the move to put an investment banker at the helm is a significant indicator of where the future of the bank lies. We hear from our New York office about a series of features running in the Financial Times to mark the bank mergers of 2008 following the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Lastly we talk about Stephen Green’s decision to trade in his position as chairman of HSBC for a position as one of Cameron’s ministers.

Guest: Arturo de Frias – head of banks research for investment bank Evolution Securities

In the studio: Brooke Masters the FT’s chief regulations correspondent and Sharlene Goff, the FT’s retail banks correspondent

Report on the bank mergers of 2008 by Francesco Guerrera

Presented by Patrick Jenkins

Produced by LJ Filotrani