BP, nuclear power and OPEC

In this week’s podcast: We look at BP and how the company has been faring since the release of its report last week on the oil explosion of April 20. We talk to our correspondent Sheila McNulty in Houston, who has been following the fallout closely. We also look at the breaking story which we covered in the FT this morning, on BP and safety lapses in the North Sea. After that we hear from Berlin correspondent Gerrit Weismann about Germany chancellor Angela Merkel’s deal to extend the life-span of the country’s nuclear power plants. And finally we take a reflective look at oil cartel OPEC in the week which marks its 50th anniversary.

Presented by David Blair with Fiona Harvey and Javier Blas in the studio and Sheila McNulty down the line from Houston.

Fiona Symon interviewed Gerrit Weismann on Merkel and the extension of the life-span of nuclear plants in Germany.

Produced by LJ Filotrani