Daily Archives: October 4, 2010

In this week’s podcast, we roam from the Nobel prize awards in Stockholm and the challenge of commercialising technology, to science in emerging markets, and the political appetite for science spending.

Our guest in the studio is David Kelly, a biotech entrepreneur and venture capitalist, who discusses the role of venture capital in science, and one of his new projects in India which attempts to use consultants’ time more efficiently.

And our regular contributor Diana Garnham, CEO of the Science Council, takes the temperature at the Conservative Party conference.

Additionally, we hear from Science Magazine about the latest developments in America on stem cell research funding.

FT Science this week is presented by Andrew Jack and produced by Emily Cadman.


The post-crisis world economy will not work so long as its most dynamic economy is also its largest capital exporter. Policies that would turn China into a net importer would benefit both its own people and the rest of the world, says Martin Wolf