Daily Archives: October 11, 2010

Shadow Catchers, the latest exhibition at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum, is a showcase for ‘camera-less’ photography – where images are captured directly on photographic paper without the use of a camera.

Deputy arts editor Neville Hawcock and Francis Hodgson, the FT’s photography critic, discuss the ideas behind the exhibition, and the works of the five contemporary artists on show, with the show’s curator, Martin Barnes.


This week we take a look at the ethics and regulation of online healthcare, including consumer genetic testing, with our studio guest Hugh Whittall, chief executive of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics, with Science Magazine giving us the US perspective.

Also in the studio is regular guest Diana Garnham of the Science Council with her take on the Browne review of university funding, and Clive Cookson hears about the Blue Brain project in Switzerland which is attempting to reverse-engineer the mammalian brain, in order to understand brain function and dysfunction through detailed simulations.

FT Science is presented this week by Andrew Jack and produced by Emily Cadman


US policymakers will do whatever is required to avoid deflation. Indeed, the Fed will keep going until the US is satisfactorily reflated. What that effort does to the rest of the world is not its concern, says Martin Wolf