Daily Archives: October 20, 2010

In this week’s show, we hear from diplomatic editor James Blitz on the UK defence cuts, Tobias Buck in Jerusalem on the latest in the Middle East peace process, Christian Oliver on the currency wars and get the latest on the Vatican bank’s Italian court case from Guy Dinmore, hosted by David Blair.


This week’s government spending review could hit your pocket hard. Some good news for homeowners looking to remortgage. And, if you want to save more than £50,000 a year for retirement we look at the best pension alternatives.


UK chancellor George Osborne delivered the government’s review on spending today. He spoke of fairness, of bringing the years of ever rising borrowing to an end, of making those with the broadest shoulders bear the greatest burden and of building a country which only buys what it can afford. But what to these mantras really mean in terms of spending and cuts?

To try and answer this question the FT’s Sarah Neville is joined in the studio by FT correspondents Chris Cook, Martin Sandbu and Alice Ross.

Produced by LJ Filotrani