Daily Archives: November 15, 2010

In this week’s podcast: bankers’ pay is again the focus of the regulators – but is cutting pay a risk any bank can take? And with banks surely facing liquidity issues, are they likely to cut down on long-term lending in preference of roll-over funding as suggested in a new McKinsey report. Lastly, Ireland’s fiscal crisis – is the worst over, and where do Irish banks go from here?

Presented by Megan Murphy with Patrick Jenkins, Brooke Masters and Anousha Sakoui.

Produced by LJ Filotrani


How best to celebrate Chekhov’s 150th anniversary?

Sky Arts 2 have chosen to mark the occasion with “chekhov: comedy shorts” – four one-act plays transposed to the small screen, with a cast of well-known comedians including Johnny Vegas and Steve Coogan. But do they make good television?

In this week’s arts podcast, Neville Hawcock, the FT’s deputy arts editor, talks to the paper’s theatre critic, Sarah Hemming, and television columnist, John Lloyd, about the venture.


There is a teenage boy I know who worries me quite a lot. He was born to a good family with plenty of money. He is extroverted and optimistic; people appear to like him. He’s relatively easy on the eye and reasonably bright. His health is good and he can kick, hit and catch balls of various shapes and sizes. He does not smoke, or take drugs, or do any more binge drinking than the next person.