Daily Archives: November 17, 2010

In this week’s podcast: We take a look at Europe’s energy markets and the impact of oil and gas prices on electricity bills, we ask what now for BHP Billiton in the light of its failure to take over Canadian PotashCorp and we look at the prospect for investment in renewables in the wake of the G20 meeting.

Presented by David Blair with Javier Blas in the studio and guests Colette Lewiner from Capgemini and Michael Lynch from Strategic Energy and Economic Research.

Produced by LJ Filotrani


Wearing socks on the outside of your shoes makes you less likely to slip on icy paths.

Promoting people at random makes companies more efficient.

These two hypotheses were among the winners of this year’s Ig Nobel prizes – handed out by Improbable Research, an organisation set up to promote academic work that makes you laugh, then think.


The sky is falling, scream the hysterics: the Federal Reserve is pouring forth dollars in such quantities that they will soon be worthless. Nothing could be further from the truth. As in Japan, the policy known as “quantitative easing” is far more likely to prove ineffective than lethal. It is a leaky hose, not a monetary Noah’s Flood.