Monthly Archives: February 2011

In this week’s podcast: Northern Rock’s return to riskier lending; HSBC and its full year results; Middle East investors and tension in Italy over UniCredit.

Stateside is by Justin Baer.

Presented by Patrick Jenkins with Sharlene Goff and Lina Saigo in the studio and Rachel Sanderson in Milan.

Produced by LJ Filotrani


In this week’s podcast: The escalating civil uprising in Libya, the threat of rising oil prices and the implications for the global economy.

Presented by Gideon Rachman with David Gardner and James Mackintosh.

Produced by LJ Filotrani


Will Colin Firth take the Oscar for best performance? Will The Social Network win best film? Is awards season trend-spotting a dangerous game? And, what makes an Oscar-winning film?

On the eve of the 83rd Academy Awards, Jan Dalley, FT arts editor, puts these questions and others to FT film critics Nigel Andrews and Leo Robson.

Produced by Griselda Murray Brown



Looking for a cheap remortgage? Why it pays to go off the beaten track. Saving for university fees? Why you need to take on a degree of risk. And planning a new life overseas? Where you need to buy a house.


In this week’s podcast: report on the 65th birthday of the National Survey of Health and Development from the BMJ; testing research – journalist Brian Deer talks about Andrew Wakefield and his discredited research on the MMR vaccine; and Hod Lipson on 3d printing – exciting new developments from Cornell University, in replacing traditional 3d printing materials with biological materials such as live cells.

Presented by Andrew Jack with Diana Garnham and Brian Deer in the studio and Clive Cookson on the phone.

Contribution on cohort studies from the BMJ is by Duncan Jarvies.

Produced by LJ Filotrani


She is beautiful, rich and famous. She has two television shows, one of which is named after her. She’s got her own foundation that helps deprived girls. She’s been to bed with Barack Obama. She is taking a course at Harvard Business School on how to be an entrepreneur.


In this week’s podcast: Results from the UK’s two state-backed lenders, RBS and Lloyds; banks looking to sell more products to fewer clients on the back of M&A mandates; the spike in emergency lending by the ECB to Ireland’s two embattled lenders, Anglo Irish and Irish Nationwide.

Stateside is by Suzanne Kapner.

Presented by Megan Murphy with Sharlene Goff, Jennifer Hughes and Lina Saigol.

Produced by LJ Filotrani


Does bad language have a place in the opera house? Is the life of a stripper turned reality TV star a suitable subject for operatic treatment? And, can opera find a viable way of reflecting culture today?

The day after the premiere of Mark-Anthony Turnage’s “Anna Nicole” at Covent Garden, Andrew Clark, FT classical music critic, puts these questions to Gina Thomas, UK cultural correspondent of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and Laura Battle, FT staff writer and critic.

Produced by Griselda Murray Brown


In this week’s podcast: the crisis in the Arab world; the latest efforts to resolve Europe’s debt; the row over America’s budget.

Presented by Gideon Rachman with David Gardner, Peter Spiegel, James Crabtree and Michael Peel.

Produced by LJ Filotrani