Monthly Archives: June 2011

In this week’s podcast: Smart meters in the UK will save energy companies billions – but consumers only £23 per year. And BG Group revise the oil reserve estimates in Brazil. Good fortune for the company, but what does it mean for the energy market?

Presented by Pilita Clark, with David Blair, energy correspondent, and Vincent Boland, Lex writer. Produced by Rob Minto.


The OFT has ordered airlines, such as Ryanair, to stop hiding card surcharges. We look at why investors are not reclaiming tax on foreign share dividends, and how UK banks would be affected by a Greek debt default.


An in-depth look at IT sourcing, and continuing our series on Big Data, we go behind the scenes at Wimbledon to hear how analytics are helping tennis pros


Brady plan II: French banks ride to Greece’s rescue; with a high-risk loan book, where next for Lloyds? And so much for Lehman Sisters as board diversity plans are shelved

Presented by Megan Murphy, with Patrick Jenkins, Sharlene Goff, and Helen Thomas from New York. Produced by Rob Minto.


In this week’s podcast: President Obama accelerates the timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan; as the Greek crisis unfolds, we ask whether the eurozone could actually collapse; and, India battles to keep inflation under control.

Presented by Gideon Rachman with James Blitz and Vincent Boland in the studio in London and James Lamont in Delhi.

Produced by LJ Filotrani


Bonuses are back – but what kinds of properties are in demand from the wealthy? State pensions for women will be paid at a later age – what can you do about it?
And we look at the best options for fixed rate savings accounts.


In this week’s podcast: BP looks to settle potential claims over the Gulf spill; global airlines prepare to be included in EU emission targets; and we talk to Sangram Nayaka, organiser of the Energy Investment Summit in Dehli about India’s energy policy – nuclear vs renewables?

Presented by Sylvia Pfeifer with Pilita Clark and Vincent Boland in the studio in London, and Andrew Charlton from Aviation Advocacy in Geneva.

Produced by LJ Filotrani


In this week’s podcast: we talk to vice-president of the Association of Healthcare Journalists and science editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Karl Stark, about the state of health/science journalism in the US and in Europe and we hear from AAAS about new enzymes linked to a cancer-related muscle wasting disorder called cachexia.

Presented by Clive Cookson with Andrew Jack and Diana Garnham

Produced by LJ Filotrani


In this week’s podcast: the deepening debt crisis in Greece and discussions about a second bailout; the world’s biggest banks face a capital surcharge of up to three percent; and, as the UK chancellor George Osborne announces his backing of ring-fencing retail banks, we ask, will this make the sector safer?

This week’s US update, Stateside, is by Justin Baer.

Presented by Patrick Jenkins with Sharlene Goff, Brooke Masters and David Oakley

Produced by LJ Filotrani


In this week’s podcast: scathing criticism of Nato from the US calls the alliance’s future into question; the political instability in Greece compounds the sovereign debt crisis and causes arguments within Germany; strains over contested islands in the South China Sea could see an unlikely alliance between old enemies, Vietnam and the US.

Presented by Gideon Rachman, with James Blitz, Quentin Peel and Ben Bland

Produced by LJ Filotrani and Rob Minto