Monthly Archives: August 2011

Banks pay out £215m in compensation for missold PPI policies. Why billions are still invested in so-called dog funds. And mortgage rates – how you could save money paying the redemption charge and switching lender


In this week’s podcast: Exxon’s deal with Rosneft puts an end to BP hopes for drilling in the Arctic; Spain’s largest oil producer Repsol is kept in check by two large shareholders; and shale gas – is it a low-carbon solution for the UK?

Presented by Sylvia Pfeifer with Vincent Boland and David Blair.

Produced by LJ Filotrani


In this week’s podcast: Is the conflict in Libya finally coming to an end? The world’s new craze for gold; and, Gaza, renewed violence dashes hopes for ceasefire.

Presented by Gideon Rachman with James Blitz and Edward Hadas in the studio in London, and Tobias Buck in Jerusalem.

Produced by LJ Filotrani


We reveal who is buying shares at the moment and what they’re buying. What can you buy for your pension? We look for investments to protect your pension income. And should you buy into student property?


In this week’s podcast: Libya – as the end to the conflict approaches, oil companies get ready to return to production; mining giant BHP Billiton reports record results; and, delays in deforestation permits by the Indian government could prove costly to Essar Energy.

Presented by Sylvia Pfeifer with Javier Blas, William MacNamara and David Blair.

Produced by LJ Filotrani


In this week’s podcast: We discuss the science and business of vaccine development with chief executive of biotech company Seek, Gregory Stoloff and Nadia Ramlagan from AAAS reports on how electronic ‘smart skin’ will provide a new way to monitor the human body.

Presented by Clive Cookson with Andrew Jack.

Produced by LJ Filotrani


What would continuing low interest rates mean for mortgages and savings? Why a rise in stock markets in the next five years would make structured products look attractive now. And what a cut in the interest rates on SAYE plans will mean for you


Is working with people of different ages really a problem?


What property and business owners need to know about their insurance claims. Market turmoil and your investments, and which shares can bounce back after a week of disorder


In this week’s podcast: Why oil demand is slowing worldwide; how the commodities market is echoing the 2008 financial crisis; and Germany’s utilities are starting to feel the impact of the decision to stop nuclear power.

Presented by Sylvia Pfeifer, with David Blair and Javier Blas. Produced by LJ Filotrani.