Daily Archives: September 14, 2011

We look at how to get higher income from shares and whether dividend yields of 7 or 8 per cent are sustainable. How your bank will respond to the Vickers report and more news on the state pension age


In this week’s podcast: How quickly can Libya return to a pre-war production level of 1.6m barrels of oil a day? Zimbabwe and the fight between the government and mining companies over indigenisation laws; and, the eagerly expected promise of oil and gas in Greenland fails to deliver.

Presented by David Blair with Javier Blas, William MacNamara and Vincent Boland.

Produced by LJ Filotrani


The sacking of Carol Bartz last week made theatre of the most superior kind. Watching the former chief executive of Yahoo go down spitting obscenities was exhilarating in an immediate sort of way, says Lucy Kellaway