Monthly Archives: November 2011

Risk-weighted assets and how banks are trying to optimise their risk weightings. How banks account for the valuation of their own debt, which has been a big boost for to some banks’ quarterly profits. Also: Italy and how banks are coping with the eurozone crisis.


This week, we look at banks that are paying virtually no interest and making it almost impossible to keep track of their best savings deals. Should you buy shares in banks exposed to European sovereign debt? Also, what to do if your bank suddenly hikes its rate on your standard variable rate mortgage?


No one seems interested in teaching us how to get better at mimicry, despite it being the key to success, says Lucy Kellaway


Smart technology could change the information companies gather on their customers, according to research by PA Consulting. And, as businesses gather more data, they also need better protection. Could ethical hackers help? Plus, Getronics’ CTO Tim Patrick-Smith on how he tackles the growing burden of regulation.


In this week’s show: Lloyd’s faces a vacuum at the top as its chief executive takes a leave of absence on medical grounds, MF Global’s collapse has worrying echoes of Lehman Brothers and are bankers fulfilling their role in society?

Presented by Megan Murphy, with Sharlene Goff. Produced by Amie Tsang.


We look at why pension providers penalise you for changing jobs. Also, how index tracker funds distort share prices. And, is the sun setting on solar energy? We explain how subsidy cuts hit homeowners and investors