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This week the banking team are joined by special guest, Patricia Jackson, partner and head of financial regulatory advice at Ernst & Young, to talk about Stephen Hester’s decision to give up his bonus. They also discuss Mario Draghi being praised at the World Economic Forum in Davos, for making the ECB LTRO available, and how financial regulation might stymie the real economy.

Presented by Patrick Jenkins, with Patricia Jackson, Brooke Masters and Sharlene Goff.
Produced by Amie Tsang


France’s Presidential campaign has begun ahead of the first round of voting in April, and Socialist challenger Francois Hollande is leading opinion polls. Paris bureau chief Hugh Carnegy and Europe editor Ben Hall join Shawn Donnan to discuss whether Nicolas Sarkozy could be facing defeat. Across the Atlantic, as Barack Obama set out his stall in the State of the Union address this week, the Republican party’s search for a candidate to oppose him in November grew ever more acrimonious and colourful. Chief US commentator Ed Luce and Washington bureau chief Richard McGregor join the show to discuss the campaign.


FT Money reporters look at how investors can make money from strong currencies. We also examine how charges can eat into your pension and what’s happening to mortgage rates at the moment.


In this week’s podcast:

How do companies use technology to look after their customers?

We hear from two different businesses, manufacturer Eaton and bar and nightclub operator Novus Leisure.

Plus a CIO’s view of the Consumer Electronics Show from Evershed’s Paul Caris.

Presented and produced by Stephen Pritchard.


No one appreciates hollow good wishes from someone who is telling them to shove off, says Lucy Kellaway


This week the banking team talk about France and Germany’s efforts to get global bank capital requirements relaxed. They also discuss the Financial Service Authority pressure on banks to cut bonus pools to reflect huge losses triggered by mis-sold loan insurance, and the reports on US bank earnings.

Presented by Patrick Jenkins, with Brooke Masters and Megan Murphy.
Produced by Amie Tsang


James Blitz, diplomatic editor, Javier Blas, commodities editor, and Roula Khalaf, Middle East editor, join Shawn Donnan to discuss the growing tensions between Iran and the west as the EU prepares an oil embargo.

Also, William Wallis, Africa editor, and Xan Rice, west Africa correspondent, join the podcast to examine the Nigerian government’s climbdown from an attempt to end a costly fuel subsidy


Will it become easier to share in your employer’s profits under new government proposals? We also look at the most profitable buy to let properties and a new care fees solution


Lloyds bank has found a new way of saving money. It has banned all staff from travelling on the third week of every month. If this is a good idea, a similar system should be deployed for all the other ways in which We Are Not Wise with our time, says Lucy Kellaway.


This week the banking team discusses the increased pressure on bankers to limit their bonuses after António Horta-Osório waived his entitlement to a bonus for last year. They also take a look at the Financial Stability Board’s plans to restructure the financial services industry and the deadlock in negotiations in Greece over the size of the losses to be taken by banks and bondholders.

Presented by Sharlene Goff, with Megan Murphy and Brooke Masters.
Produced by Amie Tsang