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Lucy Kellaway on why working alone is the best way to get things done


The banking team discuss HSBC’s decision to award its chief executive £5.9m in bonuses and longer-term incentives for 2011. They also review the latest results from UK banks and talk to Richard Milne, capital markets editor, about how the negotiations in Greece have affected European banks.

Presented by Patrick Jenkins, with Richard Milne and Sharlene Goff.

Produced by Amie Tsang


Lucy Kellaway on her eight rules for this trickiest of literary genres


Gideon Rachman is joined by FT diplomatic and defence editor James Blitz, commodities editor Javier Blas and US diplomatic correspondent Geoff Dyer to discuss the outside world’s reaction to the crises in Syria and Iran.


New mobile banking payments systems launched – brave new world, or security nightmare? And, we look at the unit trusts that keep underperforming. Also – is land still a good investment?


In this week’s podcast:

Ahead of Mobile World Congress, Connected Business meets Anne Bouverot, director general of the GSMA, and asks her for this year’s top trends. And Cesare Garlati, head of consumerisation at Trend Micro, discusses some of the downsides of bringing your own device to work.

Plus, how Devon and Cornwall Police are using business intelligence to crack down on crime.

Presented and produced by Stephen Pritchard


Jan Dalley is joined by Louis de Bernières, author of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, the playwright Mike Packer, and journalist Carl Wilkinson to discuss literary adaptations.

At the Oscars this month, six of the nine movies up for Best Picture are based on books – and the film version of de Bernières’ novel Red Dog is released in the UK on February 24. Why are adaptations so popular? Are filmmakers and investors just playing it safe in uncertain times? And how does it feel to see your novel – or play – on the big screen?

Produced by Griselda Murray Brown


This week the banking team discuss Lloyds Banking Group’s retrospective decision to take back a chunk of bonuses previously awarded to senior executives in response to the mis-selling of payment protection insurance. They also talk about how this will affect upcoming results, and discuss the latest developments in the Libor inquiry.

Presented by Patrick Jenkins, with Megan Murphy, Sharlene Goff and Brooke Masters.

Produced by Amie Tsang


This week Gideon Rachman discusses with Peter Spiegel, FT’s Brussels bureau chief, whether time really has run out for Greece. He also talks to Jamil Anderlini, FT’s Beijing bureau chief, about Bo Xilai, the Chinese princeling who recently suffered a severe blow to his chances of becoming a member of the Communist party leadership.

Produced by Amie Tsang and Serena Tarling


FT Money reporters analyse whether the Chancellor is about to take a knife to pensions tax relief. We also look at a junior Isas paying 6 per cent and a new mortgage deal that tracks and fixes rates.