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Ahead of the Victoria and Albert museum’s new exhibition ‘British Design 1948-2012′, Jan Dalley asks: can great design build a better society? Can Britain be called a leader in the field when its manufacturing industry is all but dead? And are we doing enough to foster a new generation of artists and designers?

She is joined by the furniture designer Matthew Hilton, co-curator of the V&A show Christopher Breward, and FT arts writer Peter Aspden.

Produced by Griselda Murray Brown


Gideon Rachman is joined by FT correspondents to discuss the great expectations for Aung San Suu Kyi in the upcoming by-election in Myanmar. They also examine the US Supreme Court case that will determine the fate of the Obama administration’s healthcare reform.

Presented by Gideon Rachman, with Gwen Robinson and Alan Rappeport
Produced by Amie Tsang and Serena Tarling


We look at the best of the last minute cash Isa savings rates. There’s some good news for baby boomers upset over the ‘granny tax’, and why some HSBC borrowers have taken to despairing over their mortgage lender’s solicitors.


In the first podcast in the FT’s Deals & Dealmakers series, mergers and acquisitions correspondent Anousha Sakoui talks to industry analysts about the outlook for the year.

With studio guests Jonathan Stubbs, head of European equity strategy at Citigroup in London, and Jon Clark, who heads the UK oil and gas transactions team at Ernst & Young.


The FT banking team discuss the appointment of Andrea Orcel at UBS, the latest predictions of the shrinkage of the investment banking sector, and why Coutts has been fined by the FSA.


She’s the most successful female recording artist ever – and now, 30 years after her first single, Madonna has released her twelfth album, ‘MDNA’. It’s already caused a stir, with the video for the opening track ‘Girl Gone Wild’ banned on YouTube for being ‘too raunchy’.

But is she still good? What’s more important: Madonna the brand or the artist? And, at 53, should she really be wearing those hot pants?

Neville Hawcock puts these questions to FT writers Lucy Kellaway, Ludovic Hunter-Tilney and Richard Clayton.

With clips from ‘Girl Gone Wild’, ‘I’m a Sinner’ and ‘I’m Addicted’.

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Lucy Kellway on whether virtual working might one day happen properly


We’ve heard a lot about the new generation of British playwrights – but how much of it is hype? Does age matter in writing? And who are the names to look out for?

Jan Dalley is joined by young writer Bola Agbaje, whose first play ‘Gone Too Far’ won an Olivier Award; Steven Atkinson, artistic director of the HighTide Festival for new writing; and Sarah Hemming, FT theatre critic.

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With the first round of France’s presidential election a month away, how has the shock of the terrorist attacks changed the political climate? Paris bureau chief Hugh Carnegy and former Paris bureau chief Peggy Hollinger join Gideon Rachman.


We explain what it all means for you in this special budget edition with John Whiting, tax policy director of the Chartered Institute of Taxation. From ‘granny tax’ to stamp duty – we look at the measures in depth.