Monthly Archives: August 2012

This week’s Republican Convention has been showcase for a strong next generation of potential leaders for the party, but is Mitt Romney’s campaign also the last throw of the dice for a party that may need to adapt to a rapidly changing electoral demographics? Richard McGregor and John McDermott join John Aglionby to discuss the indications from Tampa.


It is time for investors to switch out of bond funds, what to do if you have a cash lump sum and can Antony Jenkins put some zip back into Barclays shares?


Lucy Kellaway discovers that Helen Gurley Brown had a great deal of exceedingly sensible, realistic things to say about work


Documentary films are breaking UK box office records and are, arguably, having more success than ever before. As “The Queen of Versailles”, one of the hits of this year’s Sundance Film Festival, heads for UK cinemas, Raphael Abraham discusses the new appetite for reality with critics Nigel Andrews and Leslie Felperin


As the standoff over the extradition of Julian Assange continues London, John Paul Rathbone, Latin America editor, tells Gideon Rachman what Ecuador stands to gain – and lose – from giving the Wikileaks founder asylum in its embassy. Also: Alec Russell, former Johannesburg bureau chief, explains the violence and turmoil in the South African mining industry and its historical context.


Overdraft charges soar to £900 a year – how to avoid the fees. Where can you go to pick up a “safe” investment? And why you can’t always have the investment trusts you want.


This week the banking team analyse Standard Chartered’s decision to pay a settlement of $340m to a New York regulator related to its handling of payments to Iran. But with other regulators still circling, will the bank face further fines? They also discuss HSBC’s dealings with Iran and Syria and the latest on the Libor scandal


Mitt Romney’s decision to choose Paul Ryan as his running mate has energised the race for the White House. Is it a masterstroke or a terrible mistake? Gideon Rachman is joined by Washington bureau chief Richard McGregor and US economics editor Robin Harding to discuss where the truth lies and what Mr Ryan really stands for.


This week’s Money Show focuses on whether you should fix with your energy supplier, the factors affecting our supermarket bills and the outlook for buy-to-let


This week the banking team is joined by Anousha Sakoui, the FT’s M&A correspondent, to discuss the latest developments in the Standard Chartered scandal, as the bank pushes for a settlement against allegations from US regulators that it breached Iranian sanctions. Also under consideration are Julius Baer’s proposed purchase of Merrill Lynch’s overseas wealth management arm and the challenges facing Sir David Walker in his new role as Barclays chairman