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John Whiting of the CIOT joins us for our FT Money special podcast on this year’s Budget. We look at government help for homeowners, the new £10,000 personal allowance and how investing just got a bit cheaper and a bit easier.


Chris Cook is joined by Jonathan Eley, Martin Sandbu and Sarah Neville to discuss the political, economic and personal finance consequences of the UK Budget announcement.


Peter Spiegel, Brussels bureau chief, joins the podcast to discuss the potential fallout from the bailout in Cyprus, which sees bank deposits tapped for the first time. Also under discussion are the results of the second leg of US stress tests, as the Fed orders JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs to improve their capital planning, and the latest debate about executive pay at UBS following the revelation that the bank paid nearly $27m to hire Andrea Orcel from Bank of America to head its investment bank and is paying its chief executive more than $9m.


FT Alphaville’s Joseph Cotterill and David Keohane had a quick chat about Cyprus, its bailout and the depositors being bailed in, the Russian connection and whether there is really a risk of contagion.


In insisting on a chilly conference room, Mark Zuckerberg is exhibiting dotcom dogmatism, says Lucy Kellaway


Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou from JPMorgan’s Flows & Liquidity team joins David Keohane of FT Alphaville to look at the consequences of the dollar’s strength, how the size of the ECB’s balance sheet affects the single currency and whether the halt in the yen’s slide can be attributed to foreign investors while domestic investors wait for the expectation of Abenomics to turn into reality.


As a stage version of the classic BBC sitcom comes to London, the FT’s arts writer reflects on the series’ pioneering mix of comedy and drama


We cover the debate over women and the state pension and we look at what is expected to be in the Budget. Finally, is computer-driven trading harming your investments?


March 15 marks the second anniversary of the start of the uprising against the Assad regime in Syria and on March 20 it will have been a decade since the start of the Iraq war, a conflict that still reverberates around the region and the world. Abigail Fielding-Smith, FT correspondent in Damascus; David Gardner, senior international affairs commentator, and Roula Khalaf, Middle East editor, join Shawn Donnan.


In this week’s podcast:

We follow up on Mobile World Congress by speaking to Goldcrest Films about flexible working in the film and post production industry, and we hear from Stroz Friedberg about managing the risks of mobiles and tablets.

Plus, Gartner’s Mark Raskino talks about the growth of a new role in business: the chief data officer.

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