Monthly Archives: May 2013

Pre-first world war Vienna has some curious parallels with Spain today


With the Syrian conflict now over two years old and political positions hardening, Roula Khalaf, Middle East editor, James Blitz, diplomatic editor and Beirut correspondent Abigail Fielding-Smith join world news editor Shawn Donnan to discuss the disarray among the Syrian opposition, the relaxation of the EU arms embargo and the impact of Hizbollah fighters.


Is your company short-changing you out of your pension? How our inbuilt biases get in the way of rational investment decisions. And how to write a proper will


Lucy Kellaway says students need not change the world – getting a job will be an achievement


After a week of jittery currency markets Kerry Agiasotis of Western Union Business Solutions joins currencies correspondent Alice Ross to discuss where the markets will go from here. Also, the growing internationalisation of the renminbi, and how are Japan’s massive momentary easing plans affecting other Asian currencies?


The praise lavished on football’s retiring greats has been wildly overblown, says the FT’s arts writer. Other cultural pursuits are far worthier of grown-ups’ attention


Under the second Putin presidency, the Russian government seems to have become even harder to deal with, be it in seeking to forge international agreement on Syria, spy scandals, energy diplomacy, or neighbourhood diplomacy. Charles Clover, Moscow bureau chief, and James Blitz, diplomatic editor, join Gideon Rachman to discuss the best ways to understand the Russian government.


In which Alphaville’s David Keohane and Kate Mackenzie chat about Abenomics — its progress, goals and endgame — with Citi’s G10 chief FX strategist Steven Englander.


Bank of Ireland backs down – but should you be fearful of tracker mortgages? European companies that are defying the continental recession. And calling all petrolheads: how you can make money from classic cars


This week the banking team discuss JPMorgan’s annual meeting, where chief executive and chairman Jamie Dimon won a clear victory over shareholder activists looking to strip him of one of his roles. They also look at pay in Europe in light of recent tweaks to EU bonus caps, and Qatar snapping up stakes in key lenders